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You can find all speeches and presentations from the conference on the 9th and 10th of november 2011, here. 

By clicking on the green names, the document will be opened, some are quite heavy so be patient! The missing presentation will be put on the website as soon as possible!


Welcome - Thierry de l'Escaille 


Keynote - Vesna Vallant


Presentation of the results of the study - Thierry de l'Escaille

Conclusion by Frank Vassen


Presentation of the three European projects, taken into account in the study

Living space in the estuary stretch of the river Traisen - Herbert Tiefenbacher en  Tekst

Lippe flood plain - Olivier Schmidt-Formann

Restoration of the Upper River Blackwater SAC for the Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Atlantic Salmon, European Otter and Kingfisher - Maura Walsh


The political point of vue

Angelo Salsi

Jurgen Tack

Claus Mayr


Samenvatting and Conclusion - Jos Rutten